How is SP.eye different to other intravitreal guides?

SP.eye is the only intravitreal device to fully integrate the needle, meaning there is no risk of blunting the needle on the wall of the guide, or inadvertently missing the guide hole and misplacing the injection 

Do I have to use a different device for phakic and pseudophakic eyes?

The injection is set at 4.0mm from the limbus, meaning SP.eye can be used safely in both phakic and pseudophakic eyes

Do I have to use a lid speculum?

As SP.eye acts as a lid guard, as well as an injection guide and sharps safe device, there is no need to use a lid speculum, although you may do so if you prefer

How do I prime the needle?

As the needle tip is hidden, you may prime it in the usual way, stopping when you see a bead of fluid at the aperture on the footplate