Technical information

Design and materials

SP.eye has been designed to deliver repeatable, safe and comfortable intravitreal injections.

SP.eye is manufactured using an industry standard BD® Microlance® 30 Gauge needle.  The plastics used in the manufacture of SP.eye are USP Grade VI.  It is safe to use SP.eye on patients with latex allergy. 

Injection parameters

SP.eye delivers the injection at 4.0mm from the inner curve of the "C" shaped calliper. This distance is suitable for intravitreal injections in pseudophakic and phakic eyes if the device is used as designed.

The needle tip penetrates 6.5mm into the vitreous cavity.

The needle track is perpendicular to the scleral surface if SP.eye is used as designed, avoiding lens strike.


SP.eye is supplied sterile and is not suitable for re-sterilisation or reuse