How to use SP.eye

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SP.eye is mounted on a standard needle hub, and is pre-armed. Therefore take care when removing it from its sterile package by carefully tipping it onto a sterile field.  Hold the hub between thumb and forefinger without touching the footplate.  Attach the hub to the syringe firmly, before priming the needle.


To safely inject using SP.eye, align the inner curve of the "C" shaped calliper with the limbus.  Ensure the footplate is in firm contact with the surface of the eye, and firmly push the needle through the sclera.  When the hub sits on top of the footplate, inject the drug.  Then remove the device from the eye.


The needle tip is hidden within the footplate of SP.eye.  To actively lock the needle, gently squeeze the spring arms together, and move the footplate to one side before releasing the arms.  The needle tip will click as it is locked.  Do not test the lock (as shown in the video).